The Quarantine Bubble is our partnership with a cluster of families to provide home-based, in-person academic support Monday - Friday, from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. This bubble is designed explicitly for family clusters who have banned together during this pandemic for the sake of socialization or emotional support, and are practicing strict (Levels 1-2) social distancing guidelines outside the bubble. We match family clusters with a highly-trained academic partner who is also practicing strict social distancing guidelines. The academic partner will provide a combination of academic support and extracurricular activities.
Academic partners will be monitored and supported by Think, Speak & Grow Academy's CEO/Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Kelly Walton, who will provide support customizing the supplemental learning and developmental needs of every student. Also, Dr. Walton will develop lesson plans for extracurricular activities.
The role of each bubble's academic partner is to provide academic support as well as extracurricular activities. For Academics, the partner will:
  • Provide one-on-one academic support
  • Manage each student's virtual schedule from their home school
  • Fill in virtual learning breaks with customized learning or developmental projects for each student
  • Setup a structured classroom w/daily routines, to include recess and Yoga twice daily
  • Serve as the primary liaison between teachers/students/parents
For Extracurricular Activities, the partner will provide the following activities 1-2 times weekly.
  • STEAM projects
  • Painting
  • Crafts
  • Social-Emotional Learning (utilizing the Random Acts of Kindness curriculum)
Each Quarantine Bubble will be limited to a cluster of no more than 5 families. There must be a minimum of 6 student participants across the families to form a bubble and a maximum of 10 students. To ensure a high level of fidelity, personalization, and support, we will only offer 5 Quarantine Bubbles in metro Atlanta. Therefore, due to high demand, a three-month commitment will be required, with a one-month advanced notice to terminate service.
As part of our safety plan, the academic partner will wear a mask and face shield throughout the day. All students will be required to wear face shields. All parents will be required to wear a mask when entering the "home-based" classroom. A list of additional safety requirements will be provided before registration.
Our ultimate goal is to partner with families to provide children and parents with a sense of peace, stability, and happiness during these uncertain times. 
How to register a Quarantine Bubble
  1. Have a conversation with the other families in your cluster to ensure everyone is on the same page with continuing to adhere to Level 1 or 2 social distancing guidelines. This is a critical commitment that each family within the cluster must make in order to be matched with an academic partner.
  2. Determine which house your Quarantine Bubble will use as the primary location to set up the classroom. Because we would prefer to set up the designated space similar to a classroom with flex spacing and seating options, we recommend utilizing the same house for the entire semester, if possible.
  3. Complete this form so we can match your Quarantine Bubble with an Academic Partner.
  4. Each family within the cluster will register your child(ren) once matched with an Academic Partner.

The Quarantine Bubble​​